Here is not merely a nation, but a teeming nation of nations.

Walt Whitman


The American Immigration Home Page was started as a part of a school project for a 10th grade American History Class. The project was meant to give information as to how immigrants not only were treated, but also why they decided to come to America. Feel free to explore the rest of the site.

A very crude WWW animation can be viewed with a much better animation on the way. Statistics of this page can also be viewed.

Other projects made by AAST students can be found at the Academy Projects Home Page.

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note: We are no longer updating this site. If we missed any information, we apologize. Also, we do not have any additional information (no more Ellis Island, immigration, or ancesstry information). You can click on the books above which will give you a list of other sites with immigration information which you might be looking for.


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This page was created by Jonathan Lee and Robert Siemborski as a part of a project for our School.