Reasons for immigration


  • Political Freedom
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Economic Opportunity - People want a better life - better job - more money
  • Political Refugees fear for their lives
  • Some want free atmosphere
  • Forced Immigration (Slavery)
  • Family Reunification
    • There are two types of motivation for immigration
      • Push(need to leave in order to survive)
      • Pull (attracted to new way of life)


The reason for immigration in the period from 1830-1890 is quite clear. Land remained plentiful, and fairly cheap. Jobs were abundant, and labor was scarce and relatively dear. A decline in the birthrate as well as an increase in industry and urbanization reinforced this situation.

The United States, in the 19th Century, remained a strong magnet to immigrants, with offers of jobs and land for farms. Glowing reports from earlier arrivals who made good reinforced the notion that in America, the streets were, "paved with gold," as well as offerings of religious and political freedom. A German immigrant to Missouri wrote home about:

"[The] abundance of overbearing soldiers, haughty clergymen, and inquisitive tax collectors..."


  • Jews came for religious freedom
  • Italians and Asians came for Work
  • Russians came to escape persecution
  • America had jobs
  • America had religious freedom
  • America was hyped up in many countries as "Land of Opportunity"


The main reason why everybody wants to go to US is because if they would go somewhere like France of Japan although they would get higher wages, there is a much greater chance of getting harassed, arrested or deported in those countries as opposed to US.


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