Lesson Plans for Colonial Life in New Jersey

Grade Level: Middle School

By Claudia Ocello (NJHS) & Christine Wallace (Dwight Morrow High School)

This project enables students to re-create the life of a colonial household circa 1776. Students will visit a historic colonial home, the Steuben House, River Edge, NJ, and learn how to "read" the original artifacts present in the home. Students will use artifacts; maps; documents; and advertisements to assemble a diary account of a hypothetical family in colonial New Jersey.

Slavery in Colonial New Jersey

Grade Level: High School

By Ivy Urdang, Brianne Sherwood and Michael O'Toole (Indian Hills High School, River Dell Regional High School and Wayne Valley High School)

This project focuses on the great differences between the large-scale plantations that operated in the southern colonies with the smaller scale farms and homesteads of Bergen County.


Grade Level: High School

By Richard Weems (Bergen County Academies)

This project focuses on Dutch homes and the culture of colonial Bergen County . Importance is placed on the preservation of the many brownstone homes found throughout Bergen County.

Slavery in Colonial and Revolutionary America

Grade Level: Middle School

By Carrie Gardner and Matt Facella (Hackensack Middle School)

This project initiates critical thinking skills by taking a broad look at the evolution of slavery during three epochs, the colonial, revolutionary and civil war periods.

The Evolution of Colonial New Jersey

Grade Level: Elementary School

By Karen Near (Lincoln Elementary School, Englewood)

This project provides students with a background of the initial European colonization of the East Coast. It then specifically targets the development of the first colonies in New Jersey.

Colonial America 1700-1775

Grade Level: Middle School

By Heidi Zito and Karen verHage (Theodore Roosevelt School No. 7, Garfield)

This project stresses a broad overview of colonial America with special focus on New Jersey 's economic success due to its strategic location.

Colonial Career Day

Grade Level: Elementary School

By Sally Bulger (Washington Irving School No. 4, Garfield)

Students will study various colonial-era occupations and then present a report to classmates, teachers and parents in a career day setting.

Economics within Colonial America

Grade Level: Elementary School

By Stacey De Vito (Washington Irving School No. 4, Garfield)

This project asks students to decipher the difference between want and need and then become familiar with how the economic system ran before the use of paper money. They will explore the different ways the colonists used "money" within their time period and the value of certain colonial money.